1 Tahun di Eropa

A year ago a woman moved from Jakarta, Indonesia to Copenhagen, Denmark to continue her life and pursue her dream. She tried to survive while she did not know where to stay yet. She got the visa on Friday and also resigned on the same day from her previous office. At that day she also booked a flight ticket to Copenhagen on Tuesday. 4 days to prepare everything.

She stayed in the living room on her friend's apartment for 2 weeks then finally found a super nice landlord and a home to stay. Stressful yet also challenging to live in this lonely and happiness country at the same time. She also decided to take an opportunity to have an exchange at The Netherland on October to try something that she really wants it instead of stay at her new (not so) comfort zone.

Surviving in Wageningen is not always easy. Combination of the crazy short period and almost no holiday during the semester makes she gain 7kg of weight until she sometimes talked with her friend about it and he always said, "All is well Hanum". Yes, indeed she believes that all is well until she did not realize that she spent amazing 5 months there. She found new friends and also energy to survive.

Now she is back to Copenhagen to continue her education. She is me. Yes, I am.

Taken by Robbykha Rosalien, September 2017
Thank you, Copenhagen and Wageningen. Both of you gave me tons of memories, taught me how to survive here not only as a post-grad student but also as a human being. I became aware of sustainability and environment then I try to apply in my daily life even though I know it's always difficult but at least I try to buy fair trade product at the supermarket.

Facing all problems that maybe you never know but you always judge me feel irritated. Sorry to say but I do not really care anymore because what you think never make me understand the journal or pass the exam. Lol. I learn many things through all process. Thank you for all people whom always help and cheer me up through this year. Love you guys!

"God will always be here for us," Missy Savira


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