Jangan Nyinyir

Food Choice and Acceptance Class, 2016
I believe there is a human right to study. Somehow people might say, why did you decide to study abroad? Then I'll answer that the challenge to survive in academic life is much more challenging than just live in my comfort zone with the job and my life in Indonesia. That's the fact.

Ada beberapa alasan pribadi lainnya sih. Selain itu karena doa orang tua saya hehe. Ini sepertinya yang paling besar perananannya dalam kehidupan saya. Keputusan kuliah di luar negeri banyak dilakukan oleh beberapa teman saya juga. Kami berinteraksi di media sosial dan seringnya banyak dari kami (yang sekolah di luar negeri) itu share tentang kehidupannya di luar. Kami ingin berbagi apa yang kami alami dan hadapi di sini. Kalau kata salah satu blogger, mba titiw "sekedar share, kita kan care"

Sometimes some of my friends get "nyinyir" comment on her/his social media when she/he posted about her/him holiday pictures. Please, never believe the picture from your friend's social media who studied abroad. You never see the truth behind it and the sacrifice that had been made. We also need to refresh our mind. We are also human who get tired.

Cooking every day to save your money, reading so many materials, journals, and textbook before class and end up with almost giving up after exam period, housing problem which makes you only have 50% concentration in the class, some homesick feeling and maybe sometimes loneliness at the same time.

Studying and survive in academic life is not easy but somehow can teach you about something that you does not get from everywhere. Intelligence is one of many things that woman can give for the next generation based on my own perspective.


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